Kandalore tripping, it’s an adventure.
A chance to stretch yourself in the Canadian wilderness,
to find out who you are and what you can do.

“It was our first time going to overnight camp and at first we were both really homesick. But then we made new friends and we had a lot of fun.” – Elise, age 9

“After I went on the trip my first year, I liked
the outdoors a lot. I liked sleeping in a tent and going on hikes to collect firewood.”
– Peter, age 8

A chance to learn new skills, to overcome challenges,
to connect with nature in new ways.

“It’s how resilient you become, because you have to push through so much. And even after a hard portage, you’re thinking, wow, I can’t believe I just did that. And it wasn’t as hard as I expected.” – Claire, age 16

A chance to have fun together,
to make lifelong friends.

“When I was on trip for the first time, I was very surprised just in the overall atmosphere of trip. But, after that, I just learned to love it and it was just a great experience after learning that you can survive in the wilderness after living not anywhere near that kind of thing. Just, it’s amazing.” – Jamie, age 14

Tripping is a night sky
hot with stars.

Our campers start canoe tripping in their first year
at camp, and grow in skills as the years pass.

Our youngest campers go on an overnight trip to the island in our lake. Campers who are 10 and 11 take a two-day canoe trip through the lakes near Kandalore or in Algonquin Park. Campers who are 12 or 13 do a three-night trip on rivers with moving water. Campers who are 14 to 16 take five to 12-day trips on rivers with moving water. In their 16th year, campers can choose to do the Explorer program, an extensive wilderness canoe trip.

Whatever the age or distance, canoe trips are carefully planned and led by trained and experienced staff members. Canoe trips build confidence, teamwork and leadership skills. They build lifelong friendships. They change lives.

You learn who you are
and what you can do.

You learn what matters
and what doesn’t matter.

You make forever friends.

You make memories
that last a lifetime.