The History of Kandalore

For more than 65 years, Camp Kandalore has created a camping experience like no other in Canada.



Kandalore was founded in 1947 as an all-boys camp.

1950’s – 1980’s

From the early 1950’s through to the 1980’s, Kandalore was under the direction and ownership of Kirk Wipper.

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Under Kirk’s guidance, Kandalore became known as one of the world’s premier canoeing and canoe tripping facilities.


Kirk also founded the Canadian Canoe Museum on the Kandalore site in what we now refer to as “The Museum”. In 1997 the museum, which had become a world-class collection, moved to Peterborough. Kirk was awarded the Order of Canada in 2002 for his work in camping and canoeing.


In 1988 the camp came under the guidance of the current owners David Hadden, David Lever and Mike Moore, and in 1992 Kandalore welcomed its first female campers.

Since then, the in-camp program has been expanded to include more than 30 activities. Today Kandalore prides itself as being one of the finest traditional camps in Canada providing the best of both canoe tripping and in-camp activities.