Q & A

Camper frequently asked questions

  • Can I be in the same cabin as a friend of mine who is coming to Kandalore?

    You may request a friend to be in your cabin at Camp. We do our best to accommodate your request, but we are not able to guarantee cabin requests. If you have a request, be sure the Camp Office knows about it before June 1st.

  • How many activity periods are there in a day and how do I sign up for my activities

    There are six activity periods in a day. Every evening you and your cabin will select the activities that you want to do the next day. The next day the sign up sheets are posted so you can see what you have signed up for!

  • Where will my canoe trip go?

    The length and location of your trip is decided by your age and your experience level. Our Prep Campers (age 6-9) do a 1 night overnight on Ghost Island (located right on Lake Kabakwa), our Junior Campers (age 10-11) do a 3 night flatwater ‘looper’ on the lakes around the camp or in Algonquin Park, our Inters (age 12-13) can choose to go on a 4-7 day canoe trip and our Seniors (age 14-16) can request canoe trips from 5-12 days!

  • What can I buy in the Tuck Shop?

    Our tuck shop has cold refreshments and delicious things to eat! We also have toiletries if you forgot something. We also sell Kandalore clothing! We have Kandalore t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, you name it! No cash is needed since we set up a tuck account for all of our campers.

  • What if I miss my parents?

    Missing your parents is natural! Everyone misses home at some point in their life, regardless of how old they are. Our staff are really good at helping you to get over this feeling if it happens to you and helping you have an awesome time at camp!

  • Will I have fun?

    If you are coming to Kandalore, be prepared for the most incredible adventure of your life! The answer to this question is YES!!!

Parents frequently asked questions

  • Since Kandalore has such a high return rate of campers, how will my child fit if everyone already knows one another?

    Every year lots of kids come to Camp without knowing anyone. The great thing about Kandalore is that it is a very welcoming and inclusive environment so whether your camper knows lots of people or they come on their own, our staff will help your camper will feel like part of the group right away.

  • How can I prepare my child for Kandalore?

    Please click here to download our Parent & Camper Handbooks, it contains many details about how camp works once your child has arrived. It details many of the routines and traditions at Kandalore. Review this and all the information about camp with your child so they will know what to expect at camp!

  • How does Kandalore protect my campers privacy?

    In order to meet the needs of our campers and have the ability to care for them we must collect personal information about them and their families. All of the information gathered is stored in our files which are secured in our locked offices and processed in a secure database with access controls. The information is given only to those staff who are directly involved in providing a service to your camper, or as required by law. When information is given to a service provider employed by Kandalore Camp Co. Limited, we have made certain that the service provider and its employees have a Privacy Policy that prevents them from using the information for any other purpose than that for which they were hired. We do not sell or rent your family information to any company, organization or individual. Even when asked for any personal information of a camp family by other camp families, we will not provide them with any information without first asking for consent by the family about which the information was requested. Besides the care and transportation of your camper and our ability to communicate with you and your family, we do use the information on hand for statistical analysis for our camp, and to develop programs required for the future. We do retain your information to enable us to communicate with you in the future, provide your camper with recognition for time spent at camp, provide you with information about our programs, and inform you of information that we feel may be of interest to you.

  • How long has Kandalore been in business?

    Kandalore has been operating continuously as a summer camp since 1947. Established originally as a boys’ camp, Kandalore has been coeducational since 1992.

  • Where do you get your staff?

    Many of our staff have ‘come up through the ranks’ from camper through Leader-In-Training to staff. Approximately 90% of our staff were campers at Kandalore. When we do hire a staff member who has not been to Kandalore before, we ensure that they have the necessary qualifications to instruct the activities they will be teaching and most importantly, a desire to work and care for our campers. All of our counsellors must submit to police background checks before they are hired.

  • Where are your campers from?

    Kandalore is very fortunate to have a wide diversity of campers from all over the world! While approximately 85 percent of our children are from Ontario, we have campers come from over 20 different countries including USA, Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and more! We offer direct transportation from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to camp for campers arriving from abroad.

  • Are you accredited by the Ontario Camping Association?

    Yes, Kandalore meets or exceeds all standards set by the OCA. These standards cover all aspects of the camp including: staffing, health, waterfront safety and more.

  • Is that the only body governing camping?

    No, Kandalore must also adhere to guidelines established by several government agencies including the Ministry of Health.

  • How can I find out more?

    We would be happy to send you our information package or answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail at camp@kandalore.com or by giving us a call at 416.322.9735.

  • Can I Register Online?

    If you would like to register online with secure payment, please click the “Register” button on the top menu!