Packing Info

Packing for Camp and Canoe Trip

The suggested packing list is to be used as a guide only and is based on the needs of a two-week rotation of clothing—please use your own judgement when packing. We strongly suggest that all clothing and equipment being brought to Camp should be clearly labelled with your child’s name. This will assist us in returning any lost articles promptly. You can either use indelible ink or name labels.

Camp Packing

We provide a laundry service every week so you will always have a chance to have clean clothes. It is suggested to pack your items in either a duffle bag, hockey bag, Rubbermaid bins or plastic drawers. The bags will fit well under a bed and the bins are good to keep things organized.

Canoe Trip Packing
Please note that all of our campers will be going on canoe trips. As your child gets older, they will have the opportunity to go on longer and more challenging trips. When packing for trip, please keep in mind that thick cotton products are difficult to dry and are therefore strongly not recommended. Fleece, polyester and wool dry quickly and keep kids warmer so they are ideal for trip.

What Not To Bring

Kandalore strongly discourages campers from bringing any of the following items to camp.

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