Camp Traditions

What makes Kandalore such an amazing experience? Traditions are a big part of it.

Opening Campfire

The Opening Campfire is an opportunity for everyone to come together in the flickering warmth and set the stage for an awesome session.

Fairy Night

One night just before bed, the youngest female campers are visited by a flock of fairies (well, senior girl campers in costume!), who spirit them away to a girls-only campfire. Unforgettable!


The highlight of every session. Campers and staff are assigned to four teams: Furtraders, Lumbermen, Pioneers, and Voyageurs. The teams participate in a friendly, cheer-filled, action-packed day of competition.


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Chapter Fire

At the end of every month everyone crosses the bridge to Chapter Island at dusk. There in front of a towering fire, they sing songs, tell stories, reminisce about good times, and deepen friendships.